”New terminal of  Gilat’s customer which is offered for family and small business entrepreneurs  would be one part of internet usage service with high speed” –President of Marketing and Products of SES Broadband Services  and Customer of satellite communication, Peter Schulist expressed his opinion.

Sky Edge II  product of Gilat gives opportunity to customers and small business entrepreneurs for use broadband service  with reasonable cost.  Package of  high speed data, speech and internet is a  technology that is the most developed and easy to use via VSAT.

Over 1 million customers are using VSAT equipment of Gilat Company in the 430 networks of 90 countries in the World.

Sky Edge II which works at  satellite Ku band  is offering not only high speed broadband service but also reasonable pricing that satisfies the requirement of  customers and small business entrepreneurs.

In order to provide internet service by transmitting satellite, Sky Edge II VSAT included customer equipment (CPE-customer premises equipment) with high speed installation having automatic activation.

Sky Edge II terminals uses advanced, selected speed and safety technology so that they increased the speed becoming 66 Mbps of downloading of multimedia services including 1 page downloading speed is 30Mbps internet, VoIP, IPTV and search speed.  It is making much contribution for customer’s usage in the high level.

Sky Edge II provides the opportunity to save the cost of network usage by using “easy connection” technology as follows:

  • VSAT installation is easy and can make one-self and it hastens the supply by decreasing the cost
  • Complex equipment of VSAT has small-sized mounting parts and was created to have easy setting for antenna route.  Equipments of the VSAT customers have interfaces’ element that was indicated on the screen as an image and interfaces with sensation that will instruct installation and activation process step by step.
  • Service automation decreases interplay of radio frequency and improves service quality
  • Sky Edge II offers the chance to make automatic installation based on the ground and regional radiation parameters.
  • It has an element to monitor frequency and with the help of this element, service operator fix inequality of antenna comes during the hour and gives the opportunity to monitor for radio frequency.


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