Brief Introduction of Company


Isatcom LLC was found in 2004 and started to conduct installation work of solar battery equipments and radio tools of cellular communication station.  Further, it started to provide consulting service on the selection of satellite communication equipments and its usage and installation.

Our company has been providing the service of satellite communication since 2012 and delivering our service not only in Ulaanbaatar city but also in local areas.

In order to deliver communication steadily to the local areas in this heavy condition of changeable weather and poor infrastructure development, and with the purpose of introducing advanced Sky Edge II ground station into Mongolia, we have implemented “Establishing communication network center based on Sky Edge II system” project successfully and able to provide satellite communication service with high speed.  Sky Edge II system was made by Gilat Company of Israel that is well known for its equipments in the World.

Today we are working to provide packet service to transmit and exchange speech and data for State organizations, Non-governmental organizations and entities such as Mongolian commercial  bank, border, customs, tourism agency, geology research group and mining group, and expand our service providing for customers who use cellular communication by connecting remote soums with high speed leased line.

We have installed satellite ground station in 2013 and introduced various services.  Recently, movable internet of satellite communication with automat settings during the movement with speed of 300 km/h was introduced and practiced having good quality.